Idaho Nursing CE Requirements

Total Hours Required: 15 

Renewal Cycle: 2 yrs

In order to renew, a licensee shall complete or comply with at least two (2) of any of the learning activities listed below within the two (2) year renewal period. IDAPA
a. Practice: i. Current nursing specialty certification as defined in Section 402; ii. One hundred (100) hours of practice or simulation practice
b. Education, Continuing Education, E-learning, and In-service: i. Fifteen (15) contact hours of continuing education; ii. Completion of a minimum of one (1) semester credit hour of post-licensure academic education; iii. Completion of a Board-recognized refresher course; iv. Participation in or presentation of a workshop, seminar, or conference
c. Professional Engagement: i. Acknowledged contributor to a published nursing-related article; ii. Teaching or developing a nursing-related course of instruction; iii. Participation in related professional activities 

Recommended Course