Louisiana Nursing CE Requirements

Total Hours Required:

Renewal Cycle: 1 yr

For RNs with employer verified nursing practice of 1,600 hours or more for the current year (10 full months at 40 hours per week), a minimum of 5 contact hours of nursing CEs are required each year to renew.

For an RN with employer verified nursing practice for the year was 159 hours or less - or - the nurse was either unemployed or self-employed for the current year, a minimum of 15 contact hours is required. For RNs whose employer verified nursing practice was between 160 hours to 1,599 hours for the current calendar year, the RN will need a minimum of 10 contact hours to qualify for annual renewal.

Louisiana APRNs with nationally certification must have a minimum of 6 contact hours of advanced level pharmacology specific continuing education applicable to their licensed AP population foci annually to qualify for license renewal. Louisiana RNs must take CE defined by how much they practiced nursing within their licensing period. At least 1600 hours - 5 CE Between 160 and 1600 hours - 10 CE Less than 160 hours - 15 CE